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The SKALIS Team has a corporate responsibility when handling the funds entrusted to them. Its performance levels come from many years of experience shared by the highly skilled team members. They bring a proven track record based on a broad base of knowledge and practical experience, thereby forming a credible basis for using a broad-based investment approach. The team's investment philosophy is sustainably embodied by the combination of the most diverse skills and abilities. Successful cooperation has already been proved by the team over many years for one of Germany's largest asset managers.




Stephan Rauh
Stephan Rauh is a Senior Portfolio Manager at SKALIS FUNDS with a focus on inflation-linked products, commodities and European bonds. He has 17 years of experience in capital markets.
Stephan Rauh also previously worked in the same role at MEAG Munich Ergo AssetManagement GmbH in Munich. There, he was responsible for about EUR 1.3 billion in various mutual funds and corporate mandates. Among others, he successfully managed the MEAG RealReturn mutual fund. Stephan Rauh began his professional career in 1999 at Victoria KAG, which was merged with MEAG, pooling the asset management activities of the Ergo Group in 2000.
Stephan studied Economics at the Technical University of Dresden and graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

Since 2015 Senior Portfoliomanager, SKALIS Asset Management AG, Unterschleissheim

2000 - 2014 Senior Portfolio Manager, MEAG Munich Ergo AssetManagement GmbH, Munich

1999 - 2000 Portfolio Manager, Viktoria KAG, Munich


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